Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) Demonstrates Energy Storage

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) Demonstrates Energy Storage On Thursday June 28th, SMUD hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony in one of the nation’s first distributed energy storage projects to go on line.  John Frederick of Silent Power attended along with other project partners and local and state officials. Silent Power’s OnDemand Energy Appliance utilizing Saft [...]

DOE Holds roundtable at Great River Energy (GRE) on $5 Million Smart Grid project – Silent Power to provide energy storage systems

On May 1st, the Department of Energy (DOE) held a roundtable on smart grid technology and how it can affect the future of the grid. Participating were NRECA (National Rural Electric Cooperative Association), the DOE, GRE, a couple member coops and their customers and several local experts from the University of Minnesota. One objective of [...]

Come See Silent Power at Storage Week…

Silent Power is proud to be selected as a panelist at Storage Week, which is a series three meetings on a game-changing set of technologies and applications worth billions in future market share.  This years speakers and panelists are a some of the energy industries top executives in the utility and storage vendor community.  Todd [...]

Smart Grid Growth Projections

President Obama stressed his commitment to clean energy in several national interviews last week and one way he can clean up our energy system is to make America’s grid more efficient. Grid inefficiencies and distribution losses have doubled in the past 30 years costing Americans up to $180 billion a year, according to Department of [...]

Canada moving forward with smart grid

Ontario, our green neighbors to the north, just introduced the Green Energy and Green Economy Act that will infuse the Canadian province with renewable energy and energy efficiency improvements. The Green Energy and Green Economy Act, 2009 (GEA), promises to bring more renewable energy to the province and create more energy efficiency measures.    Utilities [...]

AEP Plans Distributed Energy Storage Program

  American Electric Power (AEP) plans this year to place equipment in residential areas capable of storing a few hours of electricity, one of the first tests of distributed storage on the power grid.  A recent article on CNET News describes the project in detail. Ali Nourai, AEP’s manager of distributed energy resources, calls the [...]

Glenn Beck Sounds Off On The “Smart Grid”

Glenn Beck recently did a segment on the Smart Grid on his daily Fox News program.  As part of his shtick, he equates the Smart Grid with the government spying on people and telling them what they should or should not be eating.  Despite some of the analogies being off in this and other media [...]