Silent Power Selected for Green Energy Grant

Silent Power Selected for Green Energy Grant from the

Minnesota Office of Energy Security

Silent Power is selected to receive $560,000 in federal funding through

a Minnesota renewable energy grant program.

MINNEAPOLIS (June 7, 2010) – Silent Power, a Minnesota-based renewable technology company that designs distributed energy storage systems to maximize the value of renewable energy resources, today announced it has been selected to receive $560,000 as part of a federally funded renewable energy grant program. Administered by the Minnesota Office of Energy Security, the $2 million renewable energy grant was made available through federal stimulus dollars provided to the state. Officials anticipate that grants given to Minnesota companies like Silent Power will make the state a leader in renewable energy production and innovation.

Silent Power will use the grant funds to increase production and broaden the nation-wide distribution of its soon-to-be-released renewable energy storage devices. These products maximize the use of renewable energy in the home and by local utilities by storing the energy as it is being generated and then releasing it for use in the home or onto the power grid during peak consumption hours.

“Silent Power’s products will improve the value of residential renewable energy and provide utilities with the ability to store and tap green energy sources at the times of day when they are most needed,” said Todd Headlee, Silent Power CEO. “We are proud that Silent Power has been selected by the Minnesota Office of Energy Security to help meet the renewable energy needs of tomorrow by making renewable power more accessible across the country.”

About Silent Power Products

The difficulty with popular renewable energy sources, like solar and wind power, is that the power is typically generated when the demand for energy is low: most utilities experience peak electrical demand between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m., but unfortunately, most wind production occurs at night and solar production peaks around noon. As a result, utilities struggle to find an effective way to use renewable resources to provide consistent, reliable power to customers during peak consumption hours.

Silent Power produces technology that not only converts renewable energy sources into usable electric power, but stores the energy with advanced battery technology for use at a later time. Built for residential homes and small businesses with access to renewable energy sources, usually solar, Silent Power allows consumers to access renewable energy at the time of day when they need it the most. Also, as part of larger smart grid initiatives, the storage devices makes it easier for local utilities to store and then use that energy on the power grid during times of peak power demand.

About Silent Power

Based in Baxter, Minn., Silent Power, Inc. manufactures and markets easy-to-install, highly reliable distributed energy storage systems for the renewable energy and backup power markets. For more information, please visit

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